Monday, December 7, 2009

Asharq Alawsat (English) review

My first impressions of this blog site are similar to that of Al Arabiya -- a clearly identified, credible media site. The layout is more sophisticated than Al Arabiya's in my view.

I noticed a number of news items were from Western wire services, AP and Reuters in particular. I also noticed a great deal of difference between the Arabic and English versions of the site -- different art and seemingly different stories featured. This makes me wonder how different the two versions of the site are, as they appear, at least in a visual sense, to be separate entities. Perhaps someone who reads both languages can comment on this?

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  1. Hi Lucy,
    this is something I always wonder about when in front of two different versions of the same site. How different are they? Is it something about language, pictures and design or are they different in contents and insights too?
    it would be interesting to compare the readers contributions, too.