Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rock the Casbah, not your clothing!

OK so perhaps I’ve been reading too many fashion and entertainment blogs lately, but some of the clichés are beginning to get on my nerves.

“Rocking,” for starters.

As Miley Cyrus sings that annoyingly catchy song, “Who’s that chick that’s rocking kicks, she gotta be from out of town” and I try not to sing along, my inner voice screams: OMG Miley! Do we have to “rock” everything now?

“Heidi Klum Bad At Reading, Good At Rocking A Short Skirt” states a recent Huffington Post headline.

“Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Rock Matching Rings” announces another at ABC News/Entertainment. (Seriously, is this news?)

“Would You Rock Kim Kardashians Leopard-Print Jumpsuit?” asks the OMG blog at (Well maybe if I lost a few pounds.) And, look, there’s little sister Khloe Kardashian showing off her “rocking legs and great figure” over on

Oh and here’s Heidi again, this time on Glamour’s daily beauty blog: “Heidi Klum Remixes Her Bob By Rocking ‘The Chobb.’ Let's Discuss.”

Yes, let’s.

Heidi, liebchen, aren’t you rocked out by now? Why, just this year your “rockin’ bod” has been praised on, you’ve “rocked insane leather boots/pants by Alexander McQueen” for German Vogue, and, according to, you’ve “turned the sand into a catwalk by rockin' a two piece.”

You must be worn out. We are. So why don’t you settle into a nice rocking chair and rock for a while, and give the poor fashion and entertainment writers a chance to think up some new adjectives.

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